Easy Grilling Tips For The Beginner


Whether you purchased it at a local store or caught it yourself, Fish Rub is going to turn your fish’s fins to sizzle! Season your fish with it and grill, boil, roast, sear or broil to your heart’s content. Or, add it to your favourite barbecue or light spicy beurre blanc. The possibilities are endless.

Many people have their own “secret” for grilling fish: adding a little bit of fish rub. Others use a combination of different herb mixes. Still, others add a combination of salt and pepper. Whatever your preference, everyone seems to agree that fish that’s been seasoned with a good fish rub has just a little more taste than fish that has not.

Fish that has been brushed with a fish rub should not be allowed to dry out for long, otherwise, the rub begins to break down the proteins. Fish with a decent amount of fat should be placed on plates in front of the grill. Ideally, fish that has not been marinated should be allowed to dry on its own for a few days. When removing it from the marinade, always wring it well, but allow excess water to escape and dry it off completely. Use tongs to remove the fish from its marinade if necessary.

Use The Right Tools

You will need a large bowl to house your fish and rub, along with a basting brush and some salt. Fish should be placed in one section at a time in the bowl and covered with the rub. Once covered, allow the fish rub to soak for about five minutes before moving it to the next area. Fish that has been coated with salt should be moved to a different area after this.

When the fish has dried, remove it from the grill and let it sit about three inches from the heat. Heat is the enemy of grilled fish, so it is important to keep it away from the flames. After about an hour, check to see if the fish is hot enough by using a thermometer. If you are worried about burning your mouth, you can always go back in and put more salt on the rub or use some oil to prevent it from burning your taste buds.

To finish your fish rub, add a layer of salt over the entire surface of the meat. Let it dry thoroughly before covering it with aluminium foil. After it has dried thoroughly, your grilled fish is ready for its first-party! You’re what you eat, and on this occasion, that is totally satisfying grilled fish. Grilling should be a fun and delicious experience. It can be made even more enjoyable when you have the right tools to use along the way.

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