How a nutritional menu will soon convert you to eat healthy

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You are sitting at home when your girlfriend calls round, which is always nice. She’s a great woman who you love spending time with, with your relationship continuing to blossom. You’ve been getting some barracking from your friends at work who reckon that she controls you and you are spending less time going out, not that it bothers you.

Though you do feel a bit concerned when she mentions that you need to improve your diet and eating when you go out. You love your food even if you are a bit set in your ways. Then she mentions that she has arranged for you to go out early evening with another couple who she is friends with to one of the restaurants in Wallan. This seems a bit of a jump, leaving your comfort zone, but you reason that if it makes happy then it’s worth the effort.

You do have your concerns, not least the food when she tells you that the menu consists of food full of nutrition. You immediately think you are going to be fed a salad and fruit, which you consider no good after a shift grafting and wanting to fill your frame with what you like. How wrong you were.

It turns out that nutritional and Whole Foods are minimally processed ingredients that are abundant in vitamins and minerals, and they are filling. Forget lettuce leaves and think of such mouthwatering meals such as a Mexican chicken pocket which looks like the kebabs you sometimes buy after a night in the pub with your mates, only with healthier fillings like brown rice, turtle beans, and baby spinach bound together with the white meat by mayo while the outer casing is made of soft pita bread. Suddenly you are getting very interested!

There were plenty of other options along similar lines, such as a Thai chicken pie, which immediately brought back happy memories of a great holiday. Your mood is lifted as you suggest that you might take your girl to enjoy the Land of Smiles with you, especially when you see sides of hash browns and sweet potato chips.

What a find. It’s so good that you book a table for the following Saturday night as you want to have a go at some of the cookies and muffins available from the bakery section! Yes, nutritional foods are fun, and you are a happy convert.

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