Eating Out – What Customers Look for in a Restaurant Experience


Considering we have been in lockdown for many months and the restaurants, bars, and cafés are starting to open in some country, people are eager to get out of the house and enjoy a meal or drink with family and friends. When someone chooses to go out for dinner, what are they looking for aside from a good meal? Here are some things restaurant-goers look for when picking a place to dine out.


When picking a restaurant in Terrigal or anywhere else in the area, customers want to visit an establishment that prides itself on cleanliness. After all, who wants to eat in a place that is grubby and neglected? Cleanliness is not only important in the dining areas, but it also applies to the entire building, including:

  • Clean bathrooms
  • Waiting area
  • Kitchen
  • Outdoor area

Any dirty area of a restaurant reflects poorly on the business and leaves a bad impression on customers.

Taste & Presentation

The food you eat is going to be important and so is the style in which it is presented. The reason why most people will come back to a restaurant is because of the food. A good quality meal takes many components such as fresh ingredients, a good chef, and a suitable cooking environment.

Good restaurants often build kitchens that can be seen by their patrons to allow them to smell the aroma of tasty food as it is being prepared and cooked.


You will find that in most first-class restaurants, the menu is flexible, and chefs can customise dishes to make their clients happy. Although the menu will have many options, it will not have too many meals to choose from. A good establishment focuses on a manageable menu to ensure each dish they serve is of a high standard.

Friendly Staff

One of the most important things about a restaurant is the staff. It is one of the main reasons why customers come back, and it is something restaurant owners should take seriously when hiring. If customers are made to feel welcome and the staff are approachable, it will greatly benefit the business.

Aside from great tasting food, customers who visit a restaurant look for a number of other things. The place must be spotlessly clean, especially when the business is serving food. They should have friendly, approachable staff and a flexible food menu that caters for all tastes.

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