Tips for Attracting Seniors to Your Restaurant 


Seniors can be a valuable customer base for restaurants. For one thing, since seniors are generally less likely to go out for entertainment or socialize in the way younger generations do, restaurants provide an attractive alternative for them to socialize on a night out with friends or family. Plus, seniors can offer valuable feedback and insight into the restaurant industry which can help you refine your offerings and better serve your guests. However, attracting seniors to your restaurant can be a challenge due to some of their specific needs and preferences. 

To make sure you are giving them an experience they will appreciate and remember, here are a few tips to consider in order to attract this demographic to your restaurant.

Start With Your Menu

One of the most important factors to consider when marketing to seniors is your menu. Seniors typically have different dietary needs than younger diners, such as lower cholesterol and salt intake, so it’s important to offer options that are healthy and accommodating to those dietary restrictions. Seniors may also appreciate smaller portions since they are more likely to eat fewer calories as they age.

Plus, many seniors appreciate familiar dishes from their childhoods or other ethnic cuisines, so consider adding some of these classic items to your menu. 

Make Your Environment Accessible 

A key consideration when trying to attract seniors is accessibility. Seniors often need extra assistance or accommodations due to physical limitations or age-related changes, so it’s important to make sure that your restaurant is accessible to all guests. This means things like ensuring there are no obstacles in the way, wheelchair accessibility, and providing seating that is comfortable and accessible for all guests. 

Additionally, offering transportation services to and from the restaurant can be a great incentive for seniors who may not have access to transportation on their own.

Provide Friendly Service 

Seniors value friendly, helpful service more than any other age group and are more likely to remember a pleasant experience over one that is merely satisfactory. Make sure your staff members are knowledgeable about the menu and attentive to seniors’ needs, such as offering assistance with ordering or providing a lower volume for elderly guests with hearing impairments. 

Additionally, seniors tend to appreciate more traditional forms of service such as tablecloths and silverware rather than casual options such as paper placemats or plastic utensils. 

Target Your Marketing 

Another important factor to consider when marketing your restaurant to seniors is targeting. Since there are fewer senior-specific outlets than other age groups, you may need to get creative to reach them. 

Consider partnering with local retirement homes or assisted living facilities and offering discounts or specials that will entice their resident seniors to come and dine at your establishment. Additionally, look into advertising in newspapers or magazines that cater to the senior demographic or invest in online ads targeting seniors.

With these tips, you can create a restaurant experience that is both enjoyable and accommodating for your senior customers. By providing an accessible environment with friendly service and a menu tailored to their needs, you will be sure to impress your senior guests and have them coming back for more. 

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